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Geoinfo SRL 08-01-02 11:01 AM

Dual Monitor cards GF2 or GF4

I'm looking for some geek that can tell me (a newbie) or recommend me any in market GF card (prefer GF4) with dual outputs that can be used under Linux (having the approach of OpenGL at least in one monitor) and if Xinerama is possible doing so.

We need to run a special app that chunks 3D under Linux as well as Windows, both with dual monitors in a multiscreen config at least in Windows (multiscreen=desktop extended)

Thanks a lot!!!


Thunderbird 08-01-02 11:30 AM

All Geforce4 TI/MX and Quadro4 based cards support Twinview (sometimes called nView now). Other cards that support Twinview are Geforce2 MX and some Quadro2 MXR cards.

I won't go for GF2 MX / Quadro2 MXR based cards since those cards aren't that great. The OpenGL performance is not that great but that is not the biggest disadvantage. Those cards are using nvidia's first generation of Twinview. The first Twinview version didn't support high resolutions and refresh rates on the second head.

On Linux Xinerama (read multiscreen) works great using one Nvidia card. OpenGL works on both heads. When you use multiple Nvidia cards in Xinerama mode only one will have OpenGL. (very buggy using multiple cards)

If you will use the card in a business environment where money isn't that important I wouldn't choose a Geforce based card but a Quadro based card instead. (Quadro is the professional Geforce)The cards and GPU's are the same but on Quadro based cards you have some extra features in the drivers that might be usefull and the drivers are more tweaked for non-gaming apps. The only manufacturer of those cards is PNY: http://www.pny.com/quadro/

All cards except for the GF2 MX are an option for you. The choice depends on what you really need (performance wise) Only make sure the cards are shipped with 2 outputs (or 4 outputs for the Quadro 4 NVS 400).

Geoinfo SRL 08-01-02 12:49 PM

Hell of an answer!

Thanks a lot, good points.

Do you have any recommended card? GF4 or Quadro4.

Which cards come with dual outputs?

The point is that there is one and only AGP port and here in Argentina most vendors only import AGP stuff. and less multiscreen cards.


Thunderbird 08-01-02 01:43 PM

All those cards can be shipped with Dual VGA (or VGA + LCD where you need to use the included LCD -> VGA convertor for 2x VGA), but not all manufacturers allways ship the cards with 2 outputs. There are so many type of cards.

But for all Quadro 4 based boards (with the exception of the Quadro4 550) you can assume they come with 2 outputs. (Only one company is allowed to produce Quadro boards and that's PNY)

Geoinfo SRL 08-01-02 02:02 PM


Thanks for helping, I did started researching since your first e-mail.

PNY, and also found ELSA boards (Gloria series) that use Quadro4 chips.

PNY 550 seems to have a splitter cable or something like that, since they claim its a dual output.

On the other hand, is hard to know that those cards are similar to Ti4600 which is quite cheaper.

Specially that we will need to import those cards if we need one, and the others are quite common in the market.

Thanks again.


Thunderbird 08-01-02 05:11 PM

It is true that Elsa makes/made boards too but I wouldn't buy Elsa now. (there's a reason I didn't mention them) The problem is a bit more complicated. In the beginning Elsa was the only company allowed to make Quadro cards but they went bankrupt some months ago. There are still rumors about restarts and things like that. It is very misty around Elsa. Atleast the USA and Europe sites are down (elsa.de and elsa.com).

It seems the elsa-asia site is back up again but elsa.de and elsa.com are still down. (the cards were announced near the time they went bankrupt, perhaps the Asia company continued)

After all Elsa troubles (the problems still aren't over) PNY became the official Quadro manufacturer.

Geoinfo SRL 08-02-02 07:16 AM

Thanks a lot for that notice.

At first I did typed esla.com and then elsa.de and couldn't enter the site. I had very bad experiences with that (www.gadgetlabs.com bought a U$S1000 audio card, they went out of businnes and here I am).

Anyway Quadro cards seem to be very expensive, really expensive. (compared to consumer boards)

And truly there is no reason for that. I think that we might buy a GF4 AGP+GF4 PCI if we can.


Thunderbird 08-02-02 07:44 AM

I hope you don't plan to use a GF4 Ti AGP + a GF4 MX PCI together in xinerama mode to stretch the desktop over 4 screens. (that is not possible with GL and Xv on all screens)

If you need this functionaliy you need a Quadro4 NVS 400 (supporting 4 screens at the same time).

Geoinfo SRL 08-02-02 07:57 AM

No, we need only 2 screens, and we don't care if only one has OpenGL accel. I guess that Xinerama mode will disable acceleration at all. Am I right?

r0gu3 08-02-02 08:14 AM


here is the long and the short of what happens in multihead layouts with nvidia's cards... FIRST in xinerama... only your first SCREEN(and yes if its a twinview screen then both of them) will have 3d acceleration... on all the rest of the screens, all opengl windows will appear BLACK!!!... SECOND if you don't use xinerama(i personally don't) then you can use opengl on each screen individually...

Just a note... I have most of the code done for a basic opengl splitter (or i guess you would call it a chunker? :) ) but it will not run PROPERLY in windows because then the old app(assuming its a game) would not have control of the mouse/cursor... But it would work in linux... But in all honesty, there isn't much demand for something like that... Most people just want it to work with xinerama... whereas this COULD NOT work with xinerama

- r0gu3

Necrosis 08-02-02 11:36 AM

gf4 card that supports dual vga and proper rez & refresh?
Maybe someone on here knows the answer to my question:

Is there a Geforce 4 Card that supports dual VGA, and supports 1280x1024@85hz+ on both heads? I just bought the new Matrox card and am pretty unhappy with it so far.... but at least it runs my second head at 85hz.

Can anyone point me to a particular brand of card that supports dual head vga and 85hz+ on both heads?

r0gu3 08-02-02 12:26 PM

Well i know for a fact that the geforce2 mx's CANNOT do that :(

But i am not sure about the geforce4s ti/mx they MAY be able to do that..

- r0gu3

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