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The Baron 10-13-02 05:09 PM

Forum craziness
What's up with the empty pages all the time? The forum went down this morning for a bit, then after that, nothing's been right...

volt 10-13-02 05:24 PM

blank pages, possibly a rat knocking down the links :p

sbp 10-13-02 06:36 PM

Maybe its a conspiracy to stop some of us from engaging in these wonderful debates. http://sbp777.homestead.com/files/shifty.gif

StealthHawk 10-13-02 07:01 PM

i noticed the problem. i keep having to hit refresh to load threads and topics, or to post a reply. annoying :mad:

The Baron 10-13-02 07:18 PM

Oh, I just figured it was the boys from Rage3D again... ;)

thcdru2k 10-13-02 07:53 PM

this is so annoying

sbp 10-13-02 10:12 PM

re: Forum craziness

StealthHawk 10-14-02 04:10 AM

seems to be fixed now, i haven't run into the blank screen yet

vampireuk 10-14-02 04:50 AM

Yeah it went a bit crazy, perhaps it went senile in its old age:D

Well I figured out why I couldnt post and got the I cant post error thingy. The email to reactivate my account of I switched emails was a bit delayed. But I'm here now yay!:D

MikeC 10-14-02 08:12 AM

I was getting the same problem yesterday and reported it to Joerg who said it may be due to PHP Accelerator.

Joerg also updated to the latest version of Apache web server and vBulletin.

thcdru2k 10-14-02 08:15 AM

it's all fixed now though isn't it?

MikeC 10-14-02 08:17 AM


Originally posted by thcdru2k
it's all fixed now though isn't it?
I've been using the forum from work this morning and haven't noticed any problem so far.

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