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kuzujanakis 08-01-02 11:05 AM

Windows 2000 SP3 - Problems!
Labmice is showing some interesting negative side affects to installing that new service pack 3...


PCarr78 08-01-02 06:54 PM


netviper13 08-01-02 09:23 PM

Are you having any problems Corp?

PCarr78 08-02-02 07:17 AM

Havent even installed yet!

I'm still in greece!

This box has windows 98se!

netviper13 08-02-02 05:05 PM

Oh ok...has anyone installed it and had problems?

VeritechK7 08-02-02 06:15 PM

I wonder what troubles he speaks of because i installed it on three machines at home and none to speak of ..when do these problems occur? or is this a thread devo\ted to possible problems?

vvolkman 08-06-02 03:45 PM


Originally posted by netviper13
Oh ok...has anyone installed it and had problems?
So far I've installed it on 4 machines including 1 Windows 2000 Server with no ill effects. One machine appeared to be stuck after login so I just did a CtrlAltDel and logged out and logged in and back to normal.

Nothing real tangible yet, but that warm fuzzy feeling that I don't need to stuff in anymore Post-SP2 HotFixes. yech

Personally, I find the HFNetcheck tool cumbersome to use and often provides unhelpful information about what HotFixes are there or should have been there.

Starscream 08-06-02 06:36 PM

FINALLY, just finished downloading and installing Service Pack 3 after many many hours of downloading on 56k. I downloaded the full install because I want to burn it to cd along with my most used apps and drivers. I figure it's time to update my important stuff on cd, the last time I did this was around the time of SP2's release. :)

Spectral 08-07-02 07:37 AM

Ive had it installed on my system since the day it was released, and I havent had any issues with it yet.

saturnotaku 08-11-02 10:22 PM

Does SP3 include Internet Explorer 6?

Starscream 08-11-02 10:35 PM


Just checked my IE version and it's 5.00.3etcetc.

saturnotaku 08-11-02 10:54 PM

Okay, thanks. I'll still be using Mozilla for most of my everyday browsing. But now I know to download IE6 separately.

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