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robstockley 05-09-04 03:11 AM

A7N8X-X no rear panel speakers
I have an A7N8X-X with Debian testing. I've installed the nForce 1.0-0261 drivers and all is good. Except, the speaker socket on the rear panel does not produce sound. At the moment I'm using the headphone socket on the front of the case which works fine. I've put up with this for ages - now it's time to figure it out properly. Otherwise the mobo and nVidia nForce drivers are working well.

A7N8X-X rev 2.00
Debian testing
kernel 2.4.26
nForce 1.0-0261

Google seems to think this problem is mine alone :(

Dr_s99 05-09-04 09:16 AM

Re: A7N8X-X no rear panel speakers
oh.... listen, did u setup your linux?
since i have A7V8X-X motherboard.. and the problem i had in linux, was that only the 2 front speakers worked...
i have a 5.1 surrond sound system.

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