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StrataDragon 05-09-04 01:56 PM

RH9 w/ GeForce FX 5200
Hello. I just installed RedHat 9 on my PC and it won't load X. The monitor outputs "Out of Signal Range" everytime.
I installed the newest nVidia drivers through single user/root and now it tells me "Fatal Server Error. No Screens Found." and "Screen Found but none have usable configurations." Plus I noticed "Failed to initilize: NVidia(0)... aborting"

To sum up:
I installed RH9 and no signal for X
Installed newest nVidia drivers through Root and updated my XF86Config file
Now has errors: No screens found/screens found but no usable config/failed to initilize driver

Any and all help will be greatly apreciated. I am really excited about getting Linux to run. Thanks.

AMD XP-2400+
Soyo Dragon MB
Maxtor 120GB HD 7200RPM
4x Dual Write DVD-+R(W) Drive
PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard

hppnq 05-09-04 04:16 PM

Re: RH9 w/ GeForce FX 5200
Your problem is that X cannot find any valid modelines in your XF86Config, for the screens you have defined. You can either edit XF86Config by hand (select the settings that best match your hardware, in terms of refresh rates and such), or you can run "system-config-display" -- the latter is the easiest, and it will work from both graphical and non-graphical environments. (My experience is that it won't let me select the Nvidia driver, so maybe you'll have to edit XF86Config manually to get X to use the nvidia driver, but at least you'll have a working configuration then.)

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