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Megatron1983 05-10-04 08:48 AM

nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
Will there ever be any drivers/rpms for Distributions using Kernel 2.6?
Im asking because I wonder what nVidia is doing lately, we havent seen an update since June 11th and Kernel 2.6 is around for quite a while now.
And thanks to the lack of drivers, I dont have any sound in SuSE 9.1 which worked like a champ on SuSE 8.2.

Does anyone know?

mygod100 05-11-04 12:27 AM

Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
NeoXP toldl me that the forcedeth-driver will work, but do not know how to compile with it , there is no option selection for it in make xconfig. If you know how to make with it,please tell me.
refer to http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=28020

Megatron1983 05-11-04 08:13 AM

Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
That driver does have nothing to do with sound unfortunaly, Ethernet works just fine for me.

dumbo11 05-11-04 10:36 AM

Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
For audio, you could try the i810 audio driver (works for me).

See this page for configuration info (if you want to do anything clever - like hardware mixing etc - read the comments at the bottom).

Nforce audio page at alsa-project.org

enyawix 05-16-04 10:33 AM

Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
A kernel developer my the name of :barf: Andrew Morton is being inconsiderate and intensionally breaking support for all Nvidia hardware. 2.6.6 makes nforce2 systems crash randomly, sound is poor and the Geforce driver no longer works. If this is not soon fixed i am soon starting a anti Andrew Morton fan club. Linux is about freedom. Breaking support for a popular chip set is taking freedom away.

Kamel 05-17-04 11:12 AM

Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
i have no clue what everyone's gripe is with linux + 2.6 kernel + nvidia.

now, if you had an ati video card (like me :(), THEN you would have something to gripe about.

here's instructions:

regular X+nVidia drivers for the video
don't use 2.6.6 kernel (have you read the changelog?)
forcedeth for ethernet (these drivers work better than nvidia's closed-source drivers)
and, alsa+snd-intel8x0 drivers for the sound http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc...odule=intel8x0

everything should work perfectly.

if you have an ati video card, however, you will not be able to run any 3d applications (unless using software render, of course).

Anakin-s 05-27-04 10:29 AM

Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
Me too woundering when nForce drivers is going to be released to all versions that is not supported to day.
Mandrake above 9.1
RH inkl Feudora above 9.0
SuSE above 9.0.

This forum points to all kind of threads with more or less hassle to get a work around but no real supporting drivers in sight.

Megatron1983 05-27-04 10:32 AM

Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
I will let it stay this way since after weeks of tweaking and messing around with it I still cant get it to work properly.
I will just buy a non nV Soundcard when I upgrade my system.

Seta-San 06-21-04 02:33 AM

Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
using the intel 8x0 is fine except when using xmms. It just won't work with it. i hope nvidia release a new driver, 2.6 ready, because i can't build them because of errors in linking to kernel source. geforce source build worked fine so i just think it's a kernel version mismatch.

juillen 06-29-04 10:55 AM

Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
Phew, a nice set of 2.6 compliant NForce drivers would be tops.
There's that nice audio control panel which is now out (I like the look/idea for it on a Linux system, fair enough it looks like a prettier version of the other mixers, but hey, if it really does the job nicely with the nvaudio component, it's a good thing), but no way at all for me to actually compile their dedicated drivers.
Given that the 2.6 series kernel is in all the new distros, it really does make sense to work more on that kernel revision. Loads of people will be upgrading their kernels, and certainly moving across to the new distros in a very short space of time.
Having the drivers ready to roll will make a huge difference to the perception of the involvement of NVidia with the Linux OS.

blueworm 06-30-04 07:30 AM

Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
Dont expect to see any drivers for 2.6 anytime soon, everything is in kernel allready. Except those things that will be in subsequent kernels like sata_nv, and gigabit support for forcedeth.
If you need a cute┬┤sy GUI for alsa try alsamixergui.

feeyo 06-30-04 06:47 PM

Re: nForce Drivers for Kernel 2.6?
Or KAMix =) well this screen is based on the emu10k1 but would work on nforce also i think.

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