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esler 05-10-04 09:56 AM

Fedora 2 kernel problems
Hi all,
I'm running the the Test3 version of Fedora 2, and have encountered problems with using the nvidia drivers. The install goes fine, building the kernel module from source, but starting X results in a hard system lock.
Scanning the ChangeLog for the latest kernel (2.6.6), I came across this snippet, which seemed relevent:

"The 4k stackness of the kernel is included in modversions, so people don't load 4k-stack modules into 8k-stack kernels. At present 4k stacks are selectable in config. When the feature has settled in we should remove the 8k option. This will break the nvidia modules. But Fedora uses 4k stacks so a new nvidia driver is expected soon."

Is this 4k/8k stack issue the source of my trouble? If so, is a new version of the nvidia module forthcoming, as the kernel maintainers assume, or should I rebuild a kernel with 8k stacks? As Fedora 2 is slated to be out in a week, it seems this issue will soon become an issue for many users.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can furnish.
Ken Esler
UIUC Dept. of Physics

hppnq 05-10-04 10:39 AM

Re: Fedora 2 kernel problems
Hi Ken. Yes, unfortunately you cannot use Nvidia's driver with Fedora 2 (test) -- with the default kernel, that is. You can however back out the 4K stacks patch. It involves some work, but it's not difficult. Please search this forum for more information, the problem is dealt with in both recent and older threads. Cheers!

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