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IsoTeemu 05-10-04 01:31 PM

Poor performance in FX 5600
I just bought new Asus Geforce FX 5600.
And it sucks, in 3D performance. And badly. My old geforce 2 titanium cleans up the table, with no doubt. That old card gave me ~2600 fps in glxgears, and this brand new card gives only ~700 fps. Eaven my laptop starts to look great gaming machine when comparing to this.
So, can this be true? Yes, accelerated drivers are in use (twinview works), and no, disabling twinview does not help.

BTW, can this be true? nvclock tells that memory speed is 85Mhz and Core speed is 58Mhz. What should I expect? Don't know much but got this feeling that numbers should be a bit more than they are.

whig 05-10-04 08:11 PM

Re: Poor performance in FX 5600
Experiment with NvAGP. This modification goes in your XF86Config and may require the right kernel module. See /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/README about this. Using value 2 has sped up the performance of my Athlons.

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