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metamatics 05-11-04 02:32 AM

AMD64 support for 32bit
On my AMD64 linux box i have full 32bit compatibility except that nvidia
drivers do not support 32bits, so i still need a 32bit distro for playing quake3 :-(.

Does anybody know if there is something that prevents nvidia from releasing
drivers with 32bits compatibility and/or next release fill fix that?


blueworm 05-11-04 06:30 AM

Re: AMD64 support for 32bit
nvidia drivers ia32 work perfectly on athlon64 32bit mode.
Quake3 will run on athlon64 in 64 bit mode using 32bit emulation.
It does run a bit slower but you cannot enable lightmap since this borks the textures, you have to use the inferior vertex shaders.

metamatics 05-11-04 09:09 AM

Re: AMD64 support for 32bit

I get the same with quake3 on amd64, (yes, same problem with lightmap :-) )
but libglx is used with no direct rendering, ie quake3 uses the opengl from
xfree and connects to x, so this is not *true* support for 32bits.


blueworm 05-11-04 11:16 AM

Re: AMD64 support for 32bit
My bad. Nvidia is rumored to be working on it.

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