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styles-T 08-01-02 02:14 PM

Winxp Router Config Help.!
I have 2 computers networked through a lynksys router. Both with Winxp. The problem is the one computer that is not directly connected to the router will not go online unless the other computer which is connected to the router is online.

Is there a setting in winxp that will let me enable or disable this? Or do I need to do some sort of IP config for my router..

This on a cable modem.

thanks in advance.

volt 08-01-02 02:23 PM

You are saying that you have 2 machines that go through the router, but in the next sentence you say that 1 box is not directly connected to it. Can you explain this situation a bit further ? :) I will be glad to help. I'm thinking that you have 1 box connected to the router and the other machine is hooked up with your 1st box. In this case if you turn off your 1st computer you can't get axx to the net from the second one obviously.

|JuiceZ| 08-01-02 05:59 PM

You need to check yer network config, d1rX explanation is how it sounds like your configured. If yer goin' through a linksys router, your two pcs should be configured to use dhcp and get ips for yer lan from the router and the gateway for each pc should resolve to the ip of the linksys router. If yer having probs w/ that trying assigning the gateway by specifing the ip.

styles-T 08-01-02 06:02 PM

Ok in other words. In winxp...How would I get 2 computers to get internet access with a Lynksys router. Without having one comp turned ON for the other to have internet access..

He cant get 1 of the Comps to get internet access unless he has the other comp turned on..

This is actually for a friend at work..I havnt seen the setup myself..He just explaind the scenario to me.. :(

2 comps turned on = internet access
1 comp off & 1 comp on = no access..

Im not sure what he did.. :(

Let me know if this makes sense..

volt 08-01-02 06:12 PM

So basically you are saying that you have 2 machines connected to the router. When both machines are ON both have axx to the net. I need to know which computer is causing the problem, or is it the router that isn't set up properly.

Look for this option in your router:
(I don't know if that's available in linksys)
Note that you dont have to have your LAN IP specified
WAN MAC Address
Spoof this computer's MAC Address - IP Address

Set it to 'YES' and enter LAN address that is higher then your Router's IP address by 1 (Router:, spoofing

|JuiceZ| 08-01-02 06:27 PM

quick ques, is it configured like this?

cable modem
linksys router
2 workstations

It doesn't sound like it. It sounds like the broadband connection is directly connected to one workstation and being shared to the other pc via internet connection sharing and the linksys router is there just to have a 'lil lan setup.

volt 08-01-02 11:16 PM

it sounds like it, but why would he have a router and still make the second box tunnel through the first one ? :confused:

darkmiasma 08-02-02 08:23 AM

all you have to do is plug the cable modem into the uplink port of the router ... than plug both of the computers into the router (skipping the shared port of the uplink) ... it takes about 5 seconds to do this ...

- mike

Kruno 08-02-02 09:44 AM

Best to have a fileserver and have your 2 pc's rout through it.

styles-T 08-02-02 10:33 AM


Originally posted by darkmiasma
all you have to do is plug the cable modem into the uplink port of the router ... than plug both of the computers into the router (skipping the shared port of the uplink) ... it takes about 5 seconds to do this ...

- mike

Dark - Uplink or Lan wan Port?

I have it just like Juice Z described..It sounds like its doing an internet sharing thing but it shouldn't be..

Cable Modem -> [Lan/Wan Router Port]
Pc 1 -> [Router Port 1]
PC 2 -> [Router Port 2]
DHCP Set on.

Does XP have any settings that I should be familiar with?

volt 08-02-02 12:15 PM

Not when you assign DHCP. It should be all automatic.

Cable modem -> Router's WAN port
Box 1 -> Port 1
Box 2 -> Port 2
Set both boxes to use DHCP

Uplink port may be used if you want to hook up another switch or a hub, or another router.

styles-T 08-02-02 01:25 PM

Thx D1rx.

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