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absolute0 05-11-04 02:42 AM

Which driver for FX5200/Suse 9.0
I'm a little confused, mind you it doesn't take too much as I'm fairly new to Linux so please bear with me.

I have an XFX Nvidia FX5200 graphic card on SUSE 9.0 Pro.

On going to the XFX site they point to the following URL for download of the drivers (as Kernel & GLX RPMs):

On going direct to NVIDIA's web site I navigate to here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_d..._1.0-5336.html

I've tried installing the Kernel & GLX RPMs, but they fail.

Any ideas?



gazza 05-11-04 03:38 AM

Re: Which driver for FX5200/Suse 9.0
Since you have Suse9.0 Pro, and I hope an internet connection. All you need to do is start Yast as root and select YOU, Yast Online Update. You can download the correct driver that way. It will also install itself correctly.

If you don't have an internet connection, you can download the 5336 driver and install that. Make sure you have the kernel sources installed and have downloaded the Nvidia readme and also the Suse-nvidia howto document. Follow the instructions there and you will have a working accerlated X server. Don't follow them and you won't.

absolute0 05-11-04 03:58 AM

Re: Which driver for FX5200/Suse 9.0
I'm sure I've tried this already. I tried to enable the 3D part of the card within yast, which I believe uses SAX to configure X windows. When testing the card with 3D enabled it produces an error (sorry I can't remember which message as I'm not currently on my SUSE machine), and I can only disable 3D if I use the NVIDIA installer!?


gazza 05-11-04 05:35 AM

Re: Which driver for FX5200/Suse 9.0
You can't enable the driver in YOU, only download it. Yast will then install this itself. You don't need to do anything else. You don't need to run Sax2, you don't need to update the XF86Config file. It is all done for you.

If you select graphics card from within Yast, it will load up Sax. If you try and toggle the switch, enable 3D acceleation Sax2 will put up an error message stating that since Suse8.2 the 3D drivers are no longer shipped with Suse linux since licensing restrictions don't allow it. It will deselect the toggle switch.

If you don't want to use Yast Online Update and do it the hardway, you need to download the 5336 drivers from Nvidias website. Download their readme file and down the suse-nvidia howto document. Follow the instructions they have precisely and you will have a 3D accelerated X server. Don't follow theire instructions and you will be stuck with a 2D server.

absolute0 05-11-04 05:48 AM

Re: Which driver for FX5200/Suse 9.0

I will give it a go tonight and see how I get on.

Thanks for the advice.


absolute0 05-12-04 02:23 AM

Re: Which driver for FX5200/Suse 9.0

Tried this last night. YOU wouldn't work straight away. So I re-installed Suse and tried it again. Weird thing was it said it had downloaded the driver and it tried to download them again, then it hung. However, my dial-up connection was still trying to download something!? Anyway, after several reboots I somehow managed to get it working.

Thanks for your help.


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