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cityhunter 10-14-02 05:05 PM

error Module-nvkernel : file not recognized
I tried to compile new NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-3123.tar.gz
I use a 2.4.8 linux kernel recompiled with gcc version 3.0.4
after compiling (no error) I got the following linking error :
error module-nvkernel : file not recognized : file truncated

I guess this is because module-nvkernel was build using a 2.* version of GCC

any suggestion ?

must I reinstall gcc 2.*? :mad:


bwkaz 10-14-02 06:33 PM

Check the md5sum of the NVIDIA_kernel tarball.

md5sum /path/to/NVIDIA_kernel-xxxx.tar.gz

Then compare what md5sum prints with the posted md5sums on the driver download page, and if they don't match, re-download.

Also try blowing away the directory and re-decompressing the tarball.

This most likely has nothing to do with Module-nvkernel being compiled with gcc 2, because it works perfectly here with gcc 3.2 -- as long as you're using version 3123.

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