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Kamel 05-12-04 10:11 PM

gentoo users: don't emerge system...
well, atleast don't do *anything* that would make you go back a version of glibc. i guess this is a bug (not sure if it's gentoo specific or not), and your entire system dies when you go backwards a version in glibc.

in order to prevent this, try emerge -pv glibc and see if it has D in the left hand field. if it does, don't emerge system.

anyway, it's just my warning... after working so long and hard to get my gentoo stage1 install next to perfect, this screwed it up =\.

afaik there is no known fix for this problem other than reformatting the filesystem. even reinstalling the bootstrap was useless to someone.

here's a thread for more information:


note: this may apply to other distributions as well, but i'm not sure

connyosis 05-19-04 12:51 PM

Re: gentoo users: don't emerge system...
You dont run emerge system, you run emerge -uD world if you want to upgrade packages. emerge system is only used during installation as far as I know.

Kamel 05-19-04 03:02 PM

Re: gentoo users: don't emerge system...
emerge system assumes the -u flag

emerge world also assumes the -u flag, and will have the same effect of system, only it will upgrade every package. emerge system only updates the out of date programs in /usr/sbin (system binaries), so it is used in times other than the install... i guess depending on the user.

connyosis 05-19-04 03:45 PM

Re: gentoo users: don't emerge system...
I see, didn't know that.
Well then it seems pretty weird that glibc will be replaced by an older version. Of course its pretty clear that replacing a newer version with an older one, will break stuff, but I don't see how that happened really...

Kamel 05-19-04 07:13 PM

Re: gentoo users: don't emerge system...
i think i goofed up somehow... if i were guessing i had to enabled ~x86 arch flags for a certain package and it got the glibc also, then when it was turned off and i did emerge system, portage saw that my glibc wasn't stable, so it took the liberty to downgrade to an older version in order to protect my system from the mean instable packages.

well, anyway, that's speculation #2. who really knows what happened or how/why. the only thing i know for a fact is if you go backwards a version in glibc your system will be ****ed; so i suggest not doing so :P

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