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sancheuz 08-01-02 03:27 PM

Nv30 name poll
Okay, it really stinks that nVidia still hasnt' announced it nv30 chip name. So I gathered some names i hear rumored(please forgive me if i miss one) and put it up.

Matthyahuw 08-01-02 03:43 PM

Galactic Raider! :D

saturnotaku 08-01-02 03:51 PM

The Sayonara ATI! :D

Bigus Dickus 08-01-02 04:05 PM


Originally posted by saturnotaku
The Sayonara ATI! :D
How about UltraFUD?

Or PR-Pro?

SurfMonkey 08-01-02 04:29 PM

How about:

We really had you guessing there...


Advanced Technology Interface or ATI?

but my guess would be,

You Wouldn't F*ckin Believe This, But My Mate Down The Pub Said That...

Philibob 08-01-02 04:37 PM

I like GeForce 5 but they shouldn't do a GeForce 6. Anything past 5 gets boring.

saturnotaku 08-01-02 04:56 PM

Honestly? I like the name NV30 as is.

It's simple, concise and sounds really good.

LuckyNV 08-01-02 05:04 PM

Death Star :D

Tactics 08-01-02 05:31 PM

The Beast.

Mojo 08-01-02 06:03 PM

"The Daddy"

Pakman 08-01-02 06:14 PM

"The Delayed" ;)

MuFu 08-01-02 06:20 PM


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