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Serial_Killer 05-14-04 09:44 PM

FX 5700Q on linux mandrake 9.0 = problem
hey all

I'm new to linux... not knowing many commands and all.
anywho, I've installed linux mandrake 9.0 on my system and it has no support for my card (which is fair enough because my card is newer than it).
So I choose a normal VGA driver when installing linux, almost certain that it wouldn't work. I was correct lol. I start X and it tells me "NO!" in a very complex way.
I've downloaded the latest nvidia driver and need to install it somehow from that text based screen thing (after where it asks me to log in and leaves me with: "[robert:localhost robert]$"
Could someone give me instructions in the SIMPLEST manner of how to install my new driver from cd (d:\) from where it says "[robert:localhost robert]$".
If I have to change to my root or whatever, tell me how to do that too please.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Serial_Killer 05-14-04 10:01 PM

Re: FX 5700Q on linux mandrake 9.0 = problem
Also, could someone post the 1.0-5336 readme file on here, the link for download.nvidia.com/1.0-5336/readme isn't working.

Revan 05-15-04 04:20 PM

Re: FX 5700Q on linux mandrake 9.0 = problem
I don't have the readme file, but i can tell you how to install the drivers.
Contact me on an IM and it'll be so much easier for me to explain (plus i can answer any questions you might come up with at that time real fast)
MSN: Kickazzz@hotmail.com (you can use amsn (http://amsn.sourceforge.net/))
ICQ: 159055059
AIM: MisterRevan

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