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projectle 05-14-04 11:30 PM

Problems Configuring 5950-Ultra for Multi-Display
I have been having a bit of a problem trying to configure my Nvidia Geforce 5950-Ultra for utilizing two monitors under linux.

I am running a custom build Intel P4EE 3.2GHz system, 2GB DDR400, and SuSE 9.1 Professional. I utilize two AG Neovo E-17A displays, although they do not appear to be detected under YaST, SaX2 or under the hardware browser when attempting to configure a multi-screen display.

The message that I receive when I try to do so is as follows...
Multihead Display Not Possible: Your system does not provide more than one graphics device. More are required to set up a multihead configuration.

I am running the Nvidia 1.0.5336 Driver, and can utilize all other functions of the card and driver, including the 3D support.

Does the 5950-Ultra not provide multi-display support under linux?

If this is not the case, how would one go about solving this problem?

Thank you for your assistance,
Tyson Edwards

Thunderbird 05-15-04 03:57 AM

Re: Problems Configuring 5950-Ultra for Multi-Display
The X config tool included with Suse is something generic that works for all cards. Normally multi-display means that you combine two videocards to one desktop (xinerama). In the case of a single videocard with two video outputs multi-display is set up differently (twinview). To get twinview working you need to edit your XF86Config file yourself by adding options like "Twinview", "MetaModes" and others. For more info read the driver docs and look at the sample XF86Config file or look at this forum for examples.

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