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dbcafy 10-15-02 10:36 AM

video drive problem on Toshiba laptop

I'm trying to install Redhat Advanced Server on a new Toshiba Tecra 2100 laptop. This a new machine with the Pentium4 chip and the nVIDIA GeForce2 420 GO video card.

My question is, which patch should I use?

I've downloaded the NVchooser and it dosen't run.

Please advice!


bwkaz 10-15-02 12:06 PM

You can try to get it to run by doing either a chmod +x NVchooser.sh ; ./NVchooser.sh or a sh NVchooser.sh (both variants assume you're in the directory that you saved the script to).

If you're still getting errors from the script, post them.

Which RedHat version number is this? Advanced Server is good to know, that's most likely the Enterprise kernel, but the version number (7.2, 7.3, 8.0, something else) is also necessary.

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