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Kamel 05-17-04 03:55 PM

ati forums?
i realize the name of this place is "nvnews", so by all means feel free to flame; but i was just curious as to why there isn't an ati forum? -- i personally hate ati, but it would be nice to "segregate" the cards, so i dont have to get chills down my spine while reading posts about ati problems.

yea, i hate ati... i hate them enough to want a forum for all of the ati crackers to go so that i will never have to go through the nausiating experiance of hearing ati freaks speak out about how their video card is so great.

saturnotaku 05-17-04 03:59 PM

Re: ati forums?

And if you don't like what you're reading here, go somewhere else. Nobody holding a gun to your head to stay. And funny how you refer to ATI "crackers" when you're acting like one right now.

vampireuk 05-17-04 04:00 PM

Re: ati forums?
We have a seperate place for ATI cards as Sat pointed out, we don't need a seperate forum for ATI cards :)

UDawg 05-17-04 04:13 PM

Re: ati forums?
How can you "hate" a video card company? I don't get it. Can you think they are slimey and don't deserver you business, sure but to "hate" them. I don't get it. It is just a company and nobody needs to give their money to them.

Most people here at nvnews will go back and forth between a ATI card and a Nvidia card. I think that is....normal.

Kamel 05-17-04 04:17 PM

Re: ati forums?

i hate ati for many reasons; most prominently because of their lack of support for the linux community.

netviper13 05-17-04 07:38 PM

Re: ati forums?

Originally Posted by Kamel

i hate ati for many reasons; most prominently because of their lack of support for the linux community.

Yet you are still running one of their cards? Kettle to pot...

/me goes off to play UT2k3 linux version on his 9800

Kamel 05-18-04 08:46 AM

Re: ati forums?


raysusan 05-18-04 08:51 AM

Re: ati forums?
u hates ATI so much but u are having one of their high end card..-_-"

Kamel 05-18-04 10:35 AM

Re: ati forums?
wow, it amazes me how many illiterate people browse forums.

maybe the TTS software is getting better.

if a mod would be so kind as to delete or lock this thread; it no longer serves a purpose to the forums.

vampireuk 05-18-04 12:00 PM

Re: ati forums?
Well it didn't have a purpose in the first place to be honest.

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