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Nebulaeus 05-18-04 02:52 PM

Asus v9570td (GeForce FX 5700) and Linux

I have a quick question. The Asus v9570td GeForce FX 5700 has dual VGA capability. Is this compatible with the TwinView option in the Linux driver. I am looking for a dual head card for Linux that will support OpenGL as well.

The confusion is in the fact that the site states the FX 5700 uses nView and not twinview. Does this mean it will not work in linux using dual head configuration yet?


Kamel 05-18-04 02:58 PM

Re: Asus v9570td (GeForce FX 5700) and Linux
it will work fine using xinerama, but you will need to find the specs for screen1.

if what you're looking for is the actual game spanned across both monitors, go ahead and give up. the only game that can do this is hacked versions of quake and only a couple of others. in other words, it's not worth the effort.

if you want a card for this (game over 2 screens), you will probably be more interested in a matrox video card. even then, like i said, i seriously dont think it's worth it.

Nebulaeus 05-18-04 03:01 PM

Re: Asus v9570td (GeForce FX 5700) and Linux
I don't want to game over 2 monitors. I just want my Gnome desktop to span the 2 monitors. I purchased a Matrox p650 already and the drivers support for linux on the newer cards is abysmal. I am actually looking to exchange the p650 for the ASUS. As far as gaming is concerned, the game working on one monitor is fine by me as I do not game all that much. But the p650 doesn't seem to work with 2.6 at all and doesn't seem to have any 2.6 support, except in an old beta driver and Matrox doesn't seem to care about the linux market anymore.

Nebulaeus 05-18-04 03:03 PM

Re: Asus v9570td (GeForce FX 5700) and Linux
The nVidia docs speak of TwinView support in the linux driver. Does this particular feature work on the FX 5700?

ricercar 05-18-04 03:29 PM

Re: Asus v9570td (GeForce FX 5700) and Linux
I can't speak for linux, but I can say TwinView is implemented in hardware the same across NVIDIA GPUs since NV25 (GF4 Ti 4x00 AGP4x). If it works for linux for other FX GPUs, then it should work for the 5700.

Nebulaeus 05-19-04 12:46 AM

Re: Asus v9570td (GeForce FX 5700) and Linux
Wow, consider me impressed. Not only does the TwinView work with my Linux box, but OpenGL also renders on both monitors. I tested this with OpenGL screensavers like Atlantis and GLPlanet. Thanks nVidia, this is a great product. I will certainly be boasting to my buddies at work! I just wanted a dual head card that worked well under linux. Heck, I got a card with awesome OpenGL performance as part of the deal. This rocks!

Screenshot included of course :)



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