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zoomy942 05-19-04 07:53 AM

WAP nvnews
has anyone thought about making a WAP compatible site out of this great nvnews site? i cant count how many times i have been chillin in traffic or wherever, and i have thought.. "i wonder whats goin on at nvnews?" wow... sayingh that out loud makes me sound like i need to get out more. haha

MUYA 05-19-04 07:57 AM

Re: WAP nvnews
Well RSS feed type thing? or? maybe Max or JuiceZ can look into it..but they are very busy folks.

Clay 05-19-04 08:31 AM

Re: WAP nvnews
I thought we did have an RSS feed from here? If so then all you need zoomy is a news aggregator. I'll check on this or maybe Juice or Mike can chime in.

UDawg 05-19-04 11:50 AM

Re: WAP nvnews
Man that would be cool if we could get a WAP of nvnews. It takes FOR-EV-AH to load on my phone. I only tired it once and that was enough for me. The only problem this is a link site, so the links won't be WAP but.... if the FORUMS WERE WAP! :angel2:

Clay 05-19-04 11:56 AM

Re: WAP nvnews
This is our RSS feed link:

MUYA 05-19-04 11:59 AM

Re: WAP nvnews
hmm not so busy today Max ;)

Clay 05-19-04 12:00 PM

Re: WAP nvnews

Originally Posted by MUYA
hmm not so busy today Max ;)

Oh I didn't write this. :) I think DaveW did and I found the link from a previous post by Vamp. :) This still is not WAP friendly per se but it's better than nothing. :)

MUYA 05-19-04 12:00 PM

Re: WAP nvnews
aha! okies :p

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