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Sajre 05-20-04 02:38 AM

startx Problem 2.6 kernel Gforce ti4600
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I have had the Nvidia driver working with this hardware configuration before. I have installed many different distros in recent years and the driver usually just works. I have XFree working with the nv driver but if i switch to the nvidia driver it just doesnt seem to want to start. Could this be the 2.6 kernel? Running Gentoo, Stage 2 Install, and have tried it with both the gentoo-sources and love-sources kernels, the first is 2.4 kernel, the later is 2.6 kernel. out put at the end of the log states no screens found but I have had it working with this config file, just with the nv driver instead. As mentioned in the title, running Geforce ti4600. Gentoo v2004.1 multiple kernels. Been thinking about a completely fresh install of gentoo, from a stage 3, cause i know it worked in v2004.0 with a stage 3 install, but everyone knows stage 2 is so much cooler.

Any and all help appreciated.

Sajre 05-21-04 12:17 PM

Re: startx Problem 2.6 kernel Gforce ti4600

kgroombr 05-21-04 02:13 PM

Re: startx Problem 2.6 kernel Gforce ti4600
Are you emerging the nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel or installing using the downloaded NVIDIA-*** installer from nVidia?

I have bad luck with with the Gentoo nvidia-* stuff. If you have emerged the nvidia-* stuff, unmerge it, install from the downloaded NVIDIA-* installer and fix the links manually.

I have found that "no screens found" has to do with your monitor setup. They look like they are set too low, and since your first resolution is 1280x1024, it wan'ts to display that first.

Double check the specs of your monitor and ensure that Horizsync and VertRefresh are set properly.

Good luck,

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