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Dirty 05-22-04 03:27 AM

nvidia - Linux based graphics card

nvidia should introduce a budget to midrange OpenGL 2 card for Linux/Unix/Sloaris with full open source drivers. something between
US $50 - 100

directx support is not needed - so it can save a lot of transistors

and those areas where nvidia cannot opensource that should be not be included in the card.

main reason is the drivers & hardware should be open source under GNU GPL. not even a single line of proprietory code...

these cards will work on linux/unix only. no windowz lousers needed.

and a nice sticker on the box "Designed for Linux"


actaully how many of you will be intrested in such a hardware ?


NyanNyanKoneko 05-22-04 03:36 AM

Re: nvidia - Linux based graphics card

Are you insane?

cabrilo 05-22-04 10:09 AM

Re: nvidia - Linux based graphics card
I would certainly like something like that, but I don't see it happening any time soon. Most Linux users don't even need anything better than what's integrated on their motherboards. Also, since these cards would only be aimed at about 5% or less of desktop users, their price would be too high (you know how it is, quantity brings the price down).

What we need is liberalization of hardware info, so that Linux community can develop drivers. I mean, I don't think that we can legally even watch DVDs on Linux!?

LaNcom 05-22-04 10:35 AM

Re: nvidia - Linux based graphics card
You obviously know next to nothing about graphic cores, do you?

Why do you think a fully OGL2 compliant card w/o DX9 would save transistors? Do you believe the marketing joke about DX9 features in hardware? There's no such thing, and there's not even a single fully OGL2 compliant core available yet, 'cause OGL2 does everything DX9 does and a whole lot more!

Second, do you have any idea what it takes to develop such a core? It would cost quite a few millions of dollars, a few thousand man-hours, and for what? For 5-10% of the 2-5% Linux desktop users? A single card would be prized anywhere between a Ferrari F50 and a Lear Jet that way...

The only way to do something like this is already available: It's called MESA and a simple framebuffer card (like a S3 Trio or ATI Mach64). But this is no option if you're in this for performance... ;-)

Dirty 05-22-04 12:33 PM

Re: nvidia - Linux based graphics card
^^ :) thanks for clearing it up

ah well some day linux will be very popular ...maybe then.. :clap:

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