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eschroeder 05-23-04 03:25 PM

mx440 fine tuning tv out
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this is my first post here.

I've managed to get knoppix working on a box I've setup to serve videos and music in my lounge. In this box I've an nvidia mx440 and it's configured ok thanks to the useful posts I've found in this forum.

I've attached the XF86Config-4 file to this post.

Now I can see videos using Xine on the TV, but I've 2 issues that I would like to solve:

Text in TV is very blurry, and impossible to read. How can I fix this?
- The TV is quite a big, a 32'' Samsung Digital 100Hz / does the 100Hz mean that I can put up to 100 Hz the tv vertical settings or will this fry the tv?
- Movies look good, I'vent got a problem with this.

I've 2 diferent KDE desktops. One on TV and one in CRT. If I could read what is displayed in TV desktop will be cool... but since the text is so blurry, I would prefer to see on TV what I see on my CRT desktop.

That's not related with the TV but will be useful for the lounge box :) how can I save the Samba config so it's mounted every time that I startup KDE?

Thanks a lot!!


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