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Bun-Bun 05-23-04 10:02 PM

X fail to boot
Hi, Im a newb to linux.

I installed the latest drivers 5336 and everything installed fine and it told me to edit the XFree86 config file. So I did that and changed the device from "nv" to "nvidia" and got rid of the modules it told me to get rid of.

I installed Quake3 and tried playing but it gave the error failed to load OpenGL subsystem.

So I figured XFree86 must not be configured right. So I went to check the log and there was no log file...but there was Xorg.0.log so I looked in there and it said it was still loading the "nv" driver "the X.org video driver" and was pointing to the xorg.conf config and not the XFree86 config file.

So I went and edited the xorg.conf file and did the same thing that I did in the XFree86 file. Now X wont start at all...the computer just locks up at that point. So using my minimal knowledge of linux I booted with Init 3 in the command line and renamed the files so that the backup xorg.conf.backup was xorg.conf so that I could boot into X. I also did this with the log so that I could veiw the log when I got in.

Well X didnt get far enough to make a log or so it seems as it looks like in the like it had a seccessful boot with the "nv" driver when it didnt boot at all and was supposed to use the "nvidia" driver.

anyone have any ideas on this? Im running fedora core 2 test 3 with kernal 2.6.5-1.327
My video card is FX5700 Ultra...check my sig for rest of specs.

Bun-Bun 05-23-04 10:28 PM

Re: X fail to boot
After some further reading I find its the 4k stacks breaking the driver. Am I correct and that my settings are correct?

If I am then can someone explain to me how to recompile my kernel to the 2.6.6 and set it with the 4k stack option off? or link to somewhere that has a guide for it?


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