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NightFire 05-24-04 09:50 PM

I'm a total n00b here...but why doesn't this forum have an option where you could post as a guest, or anonymous, or something like that?
I mean, I was browsing through the old posts, and I saw two guests, skylark and this other guy, can't remember the name.
What is up?
Did too many people abuse guest privaleges, and Mike removed the option?
Or had this forum ever had a guest option?
Might get more people posting which equals possibly more diverse discussion and new info.

saturnotaku 05-24-04 10:08 PM

Re: Guest
This forum has never had a guest posting option, and I'm glad for it. Those accounts you refer to are former forum and/or nV News staff members whose accounts have been removed for reasons only meant to be known by MikeC.

MikeC 05-24-04 11:26 PM

Re: Guest
Nightfire if we let guests posts it would be more fanboy fighting than we already have. You sure are interested in our history. What forums did you use to frequent before you found us?

vampireuk 05-25-04 02:52 PM

Re: Guest
The day guest posting is enabled on nV News is the day JuiceZ left the admin panel open when Mike was around :angel:

NightFire 05-25-04 03:53 PM

Re: Guest
Okay, the reason I'm so interested is because I want to see what kind of a forum this is. Just getting all the impressions, because I don't want to waste visiting a forum which will not entertain or enlighten me.
And I'm on the verge of nervous breakdown. I've got thousands of assignments to turn in, and a client wants a fully functional demo by next week. Don't mind if I say some wierd things

vampireuk 05-25-04 04:27 PM

Re: Guest
Most sites do not allow guest posting to stop flaming and spam, if we have members only posting we can easily crack down on offenders.

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