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nosferatu_037 05-25-04 07:11 AM

SuSE9.1+53.36+Maya5 problem
Hi guys,
I've been having some problems with SuSE9.1 kernel2.6.4 and nvidia 53.36.
I've installed Maya 5.0,and at first,it wouldn't start,cuz of libFoundation.so+GLIBC2_0 err,but when I've put all the compat libs,and added setenv LD_assume_KERNEL 2.4.1 in /usr/aw/maya5.0/bin/Maya5.0 script,maya started,even when i set LD_assume_KERNEL 2.6.1 ,BUT when I try to maximize a viewport,I get a blank viewport,nothing is drawn.Every single viewport acts the same except top view.It's the only view that maximizes properly.
So I did some testing to see whats causing the problem,and this is what happened:
When I start a new scene,and create-a simple nurbs sphere,I CAN maximize every viewport properly in shaded,textured,wireframe etc.,but when I add a material to my sphere,AND give it some color,THEN I CANNOT maximize vieports,except again,top view.Thats the only view that works properly,all others are blank. :screwy:
This worx with every material that I've put,and I tried to inst.old nvidia driver,but I assume It's not 2.6.x supporting.
Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem???
I have GeForce4 mx 440 agp8x 128mb tvout,and it worked well on suse9.0 kern 2.4.21-99.

_tf_ 05-25-04 09:43 AM

Re: SuSE9.1+53.36+Maya5 problem
try these http://www.sh.nu/download/nvidia/lin...-4620-pkg0.run

they work in 2.6.
read on highend3d.com that they dont have this refresh problem.
next driverset will fix this also.

good luck!

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