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danieljh 05-26-04 09:27 AM

glVertex3dv on x86_64 5332 problems
First, I want to thank you for all the work that has went into the Linux drivers. You make my existence bearable as I'm sure I would have gone insane working on a MS workstation.

I'm porting our application to x86_64 and everything was going smoothly until we had a significant number of graphics problems. Some (all?) are connected to the use of glVertex3dv. When the function is replaced by glVertex3d all of the problems go away. There seems to be no pattern to the problems. Sometimes the vertex appear in the wrong place, glued to a plane or other fixed point, using the wrong axis, sometimes they don't appear at all. Sometimes they work correctly. In one instance calling glVertex3d before calling glVertex3dv fixed the problem. BTW: The code works correctly on IRIX64 and HP-UX using 64 bit compiles.

I'm using Suse 9.1 with the drivers installed with Suse's script (as they didn't install directly). I am using the mesa gl.h, but I hand checked the definition of glVertex3dv and everything looks good. The software is correctly linking to libGL.so.

Any suggestions on fixing the problem on my end would be appreciated. Or just consider this a driver bug report. (Yes, I know I can just replace the function calls. That's my next step.)

Is there are better place to report this kind of problem?

danieljh 06-03-04 03:27 PM

Re: glVertex3dv on x86_64 5332 problems
On a simular topic. glVertex seems to get flacky causing core dumps when memory usage starts to get high. Everything is running fine when the application memory usage is low (1-2 GB), but when memory usage gets high (+3 GB) there seems to be significant problems with glVertex3d and to a lesser extent glVertex3f. I have been able to crash our software on both function calls. Again, everything is running fine on low memory usage (< 2GB).

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