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dahlgren 10-16-02 08:07 PM

nforce + RedHat 8.0 = Bad USB
I just upgraded from RedHat 7.3 to 8.0, and it broke my mouse. I have a usb optical logitech mouse, and when I start linux It finds it, and I can configure it, but if I move the mouse of the screen more then an inch, (in the terminal or X) it locks the machine.

I have an ASUS a7n266-e running the default redhat 8.0 kernel and I can't figure out how to get this to work.

P.S. the mouse works with the usb to ps/2 adaptor, but I loose the scrolly thingy.

captain_obvious 10-17-02 11:37 AM

Nearly same problem
I am running with the same motherboard and mouse and my mouse doesn't work either. It doesn't lock X; it does not respond correctly, it just sits in the upper right hand corner, flicking around rapidly in response to my moving it.

captain_obvious 10-17-02 05:40 PM

got the mouse to work, and the audio as well.... looks like complete success with installing the drivers. I just use the generic two button mouse setting, no scroll unfortunately though.

dahlgren 10-17-02 10:10 PM

What did you do to make it work?

captain_obvious 10-18-02 09:31 AM

I went into "start here" "system settings" "mouse"
chose generic two button and then ok
then I hit ctrl alt backspace to kill X
then I restarted X

It works just fine as a two button mouse, I haven't had a chance to try any other settings, though.

Good Luck

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