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Be'Lal 08-01-02 05:48 PM

Working RedHat 7.3 with Nvidia??
I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 with RedHat and I seem to be having the same problem as several people on the boards in when we update the Kernel from 2.4.18-3 to 2.4.18-5 we can no longer get the drivers to work. Including installing them from srpm and tar. I have tried both these methods. I was wondering if anyone has had success with the Nvidia 2960 drivers with RedHat 2.4.18-5?? Currently I have gone back to 2.4.18-3 until there are new drivers or kernel update to try again.

Thanks in advance.


Anthaus 08-02-02 11:14 AM

I did. But only with tar files.
It was a little annoying, though. At first, I found out that the untared files (in their folders) cannot be used twice. Everytime you have to upgrade your kernel, you have to untar the files as well. The driver doesn't load automatically after the install. I had to set the alias parameter (nvidia's release notes say where and how).

Aside from that, the drivers work like a charm for me. I never forget to upgrade my kernel-source when upgrading my kernel.

Hope this helps.

Error404 08-03-02 08:33 AM


Will I be able to get these drivers working if I just recompile kernel version 2.4.18-3?


vforge37 08-03-02 05:16 PM

Hold on a sec...
You don't have to untar the files again after you've upgraded a kernel. I've been doing it for a year and had no problems... WHAT YOU DO is you type in:

make clean

and then type in:

make install

Also, what you do to get the .tar.gz files working with *ANY* kernel is that you download the kernel-source rpm from redhat that matches your running kernel

Then you can just use the .tar.gz files and run make install in their directories.

So just do this:

(1) Install kernel-source rpm from red hat.
(2) go into Nvidia kernel directory and type in

make clean
make install

(3) go into the Nvidia GLX directory and type in

make clean
make install

(4) Edit your XF86Config-4 file (see the README in the GLX directory). Just make sure that it says Load "nvidia" instead of Load "nv" and that you take out the lines in the README.

(5) Reboot and enjoy, or come back and let us know the problem :)

Hope this helps. Please post any new problems, or let me know if something goes wrong.

-Good Luck

Fred Hernandez

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