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testerus 05-31-04 08:15 PM

DVI with Asus V7100DVI

does anyone has a working setup, using the DVI output of the Asus V7100DVI (Geforce2MX) with a TFT monitor? I tried almost every TwinView setting, but the TFT works only if connected to VGA.


lancer01 06-03-04 01:28 AM

Re: DVI with Asus V7100DVI
Did you add 'Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP"' to your XF86Config file? (In the device section for the videocard, you're using the nvidia driver right? Fot he nv driver it is Option "FlatPanel" "true")

utah 03-23-05 06:27 PM

Re: DVI with Asus V7100DVI
Hey testerus,

Did you ever get DVI working with this card? I've got the exact same situation and am pulling my hair out! Searching everywhere with no solution.


Mike Jewell

testerus 11-08-07 08:20 PM

Re: DVI with Asus V7100DVI
Sorry lancer01 for the late reply, but I never got it working. I gave up since I was comfortable with the picture using the VGA-Port.

But if you (or someone else) has found a solution for DVI: please revive this old thread.

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