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FishTech 10-17-02 01:48 PM

In baby talk explain how to use "NVchooser.sh"
Hi All!:)

Could you please explain to me in baby talk how to use "NVchooser.sh" from were to download it to, and how to execute it; step by step... Please... Sorry I'm so Duh?

Thanks and Love You!

Andy Mecham 10-17-02 02:52 PM

Please visit http://www.nvidia.com/view.asp?IO=li...splay_1.0-3123 to download NVchooser.sh.

To execute it, open up an xterm or other shell window, change to the directory you downloaded the file to, and type

'sh NVchooser.sh' without the single quotes.



FishTech 10-17-02 10:26 PM

Thanks Andy!:)

I got it... Also have the correct files downloaded... Now, could You please tell me how to do the Check Sums in Mandy 9.0?

Andy Mecham 10-18-02 01:14 AM

'md5sum filename' should do the trick.


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