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rewt 06-03-04 08:28 PM

Coolbits 3D
The latest version of rewt's famous overclocking software, is updated and is now called NVTweak, it supports customizable menus, and many other features as well, check it out here.

If you prefer to manually install the older Coolbits 2, scroll down.

Since so many of you like my Coolbits tweak I decided to continue my work further. Coolbits 2 adds additional support for mobile systems, enables the Direct3d and OpenGL configuration tabs, and even more tweaking capability from the nVidia taskbar settings panel. It unlocks many extra options in the control panel/driver, including but not limited to - overclocking, agp & hardware settings, fan control, troubleshooting dialog, and openGL 2.0 support!

*NOTE: This tweak is intended for use with GeForce cards and Forceware 55.xx - 6x.xx drivers. Coolbits 2 is not fully compatible with Windows 98/Me or driver versions older than 55.xx. If you do happen to run this tweak with older software, you could get errors at startup! To enable full compatibility, you must disable the options that are causing issues with your current setup. If you experience any minor problems, simply reinstall/update your display driver.

Well, it's fairly easy to make Coolbits. Lets get started...

1) Highlight and copy the text within the box below.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; =======================
; Coolbits 2
; >> Installation File
; =======================




2) Open up notepad (Start > Run > notepad.exe) and paste the above contents of the clipboard.

3) File > Save as... coolbits2.reg [NOT coolbits2.reg.txt!, be sure you DON'T add the .txt extension by selecting Save as type - 'All files']

4) After saving the file, double click the icon of the .reg file and windows will ask to put it in the registry. Click 'Yes' and/or 'OK'

The best part about installing coolbits is that you don't have to reboot to get the extra options. Well now, I guess there's a first for everything isn't there? ;)

5) To get to these options simply right-click on your desktop and go to 'NVIDIA Analog Display' (Win XP/2003). For Win 2000, you may need to get to the Nvidia Control Panel the old way. Right-click the desktop > Properties > Settings > Advanced > GeForce









More options available from the taskbar;


FAQ (updated):

Q. I dont see the temperature settings, is this due to my card?
A. The temp settings panel is only available with cards equipped with thermal sensors. Some cards that I know of have temp sensors are 5700U, 5800U, 5950U, and 6800GT/U. But really it all comes down to the manufacturer. I have seen some 5700 and 5900 without temp sensor, but mainly the cheaper XT/LX/SE versions.

Q. The Fan always on doesn`t seem to work.
A. The 'fan always on' option is for cards with the OTES (i.e. 5800U) or similar cooling system in which shuts off in 2d mode. It will force fan on even in 2D mode. Of course this means the fans on the hs/f be designed such a way that this option can work.

Q. I thought it enabled Opengl 2.0? It doesn't though.
A. OpenGL Shading Language 2.0 can only be enabled on 55.xx and higher Forceware drivers. It had not yet been implemented in older Detonator or pre 55 Forceware drivers. 6x.xx drivers are GLSL ready, so these lines aren't absolutely necessary. They can be commented out with a semicolon ';' if issues become apparent in future driver versions.

Q. What happened to advanced options and application profiles for my GeForce FX/6?
A. The Application Profiles page has been disabled to allow for OpenGL and Direct3d options. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to enable all the OpenGL/Direct3D/App Profile/Advanced Option pages simultaneously. However, you can re-enable the application profiles page by changing its respective value to 1 in the coolbits file. See Clay's post for further instructions that include screenshots.

Q. Is my 6800 ULTRA capable of 16x AF? I only see 8x maximum within the Performance and Quality settings of the drivers?
A. Yes, the 6800 supports 16x AF. To select it, simply choose 16x AF from the taskbar icon. Or, if you prefer to have the options within the control panel, re-enable the application profile page.

Enjoy! :)

jAkUp 06-03-04 09:13 PM

Re: Coolbits 2
sweet man! works great on my 6800 ultra :)

Bad_Boy 06-03-04 10:25 PM

Re: Coolbits 2
wow...nicely done. :D

Grechie 06-04-04 01:00 AM

Re: Coolbits 2
hey i was wondering how do u remove the coolbits registry 2 after ive added it, i made a mistake and need to get rid of it?

ChrisRay 06-04-04 01:49 AM

Re: Coolbits 2
Start Menu,



Then "Find" The lines you added, and remove them manually.

SLippe 06-04-04 02:46 AM

Re: Coolbits 2
I'm now using the Coolbits 2. Somewhat different than the coolbits I had. Mainly a different layout, nothing new. I also d/l'd the glview, was cool to look at and test, but I have no idea what else I can do with it. LOL Thanks for the reg file.

rewt 06-04-04 01:19 PM

Re: Coolbits 2
You're welcome! Glad you all liked it! :)

Yes GRUNT, Coolbits 2 provides a new layout for the Forceware Drivers. I realize you may have used an older coolbits and had some of these options, but you'd be mistaken if you say there's nothing new ;) Probably just some options that you don't notice, or your system is not compatible with all the options.

This tweak can work on drivers older than 55.xx too, that is if you experiment & disable a few things in the reg file. Otherwise will get errors from nwiz.exe at startup. Nothing major, but can be irritating if you don't know how to fix it.

SLippe 06-04-04 05:00 PM

Re: Coolbits 2
I noticed the gui where the 3 sliders are for Image Quality, AA, and AF are like the old driver sets, instead of in a little window where it has the check box underneath for Other Options...like GL Conformant Clamp Behavior and Force MipMaps to None, Bilinear, or Trilinear. Seems that this coolbits is a cross-between old and new.

This coolbits.reg file seems to keep whatever settings the drivers you are using is supposed to have. I didn't gain anything from yours, but didn't lose either. Not flaming, just FYI.


jAkUp 06-04-04 06:40 PM

Re: Coolbits 2
only problem is i lose the options such as forcing trilinear, etc.

rewt 06-04-04 07:05 PM

Re: Coolbits 2
Yes, I noticed that as well. Seems a couple odd things on the 61.21 driver too. If i disable the AppProfile page it shows 8xS AF??? lol, it didn't do that with 60.85. Quite odd indeed.

BTW to get back your Trilinear option simply set NvCplEnableAppProfilePage to 1 and rerun the reg file. You'll get the new style Performance & Quality settings page.

ChrisRay 06-05-04 12:40 AM

Re: Coolbits 2
Holy Beans, This brought back the old Direct3d Tabs and OpenGL tabs.

Mullins1060 06-06-04 02:57 PM

Re: Coolbits 2
can we have the app profile window back where you can change settings for each application independantly?

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