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sonik 06-04-04 09:22 AM

crap performance out of GeForce FX 5200
Hello Everyone,

As i posted in another thread I have a ASUS V9520 Magic GeForce FX 5200 128MB card in my Dual Athlon MP 2000+ w/MSI K7D Master-L mainboard w/1GB RAM, running Fedora Core 2 w/ a vanilla 2.6.6 kernel and the nvidia 5336 run 1 drivers.

I am getting worse performance out of this card than with my older GeForce 2 GTS card (glxgears on old card is about 2600, on new card is 1300)

I dropped down to 16bpp mode from 24 ( was getting about 800fps in glxgears in 24mode)

now all of my games seem to be running a lot slower. ( Quake3, Neverwinter nights,

Any idea where to start? I can post whatever configs are required...

sonik 09-30-04 11:01 AM

Re: crap performance out of GeForce FX 5200

Just and update in case anyone else was similarily confused. The FX5200 series are very low end and basically are not close to the performance of the older series.

orgee 09-30-04 02:32 PM

Re: crap performance out of GeForce FX 5200
So youre saying that my PNY Geforce FX 5200 128mb AGP8x is SLOWER than my Geforce4MX AGP4x? Cuz thats what it seems like right now in SOME games...

And with an AthlonXP2000, FX5200, on glxgears I only get 1035 max fps

jos 09-30-04 02:54 PM

Re: crap performance out of GeForce FX 5200
I've got the same problem with my Geforce 4 MX. Of cource it ain't a that terrific graphics card but it should perform _much_ better. I get a FPS of ~1000 in glxgears @ 16 bit. When i try to run @ 24 bit glxgears gives ~800 fps but GLX runs very crappy, it produces a flickering image :(
I'm running Gentoo 2004.2 @ my pc, with the 2.6.9-rc2 kernel (i have also tried the kernel but same result) and the newest nvidia drivers 6111
I have read a lot of forums and howto's about nvidia driver problems, but still i haven't managed to solve the problem.

btw, I've got a A7N8X Deluxe mobo with a Athlon XP 2800+ cpu and 512 MB RAM

edit: Sorry for my crappy english, can't help it, i'm dutch :P

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