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quike 06-04-04 11:22 AM

multi-kernel nvidia driver installation problem
first of all, I just migrate to linux (Mandrake 10) and I am configure my system. so far I install the nvidia driver (ver.5336) with the installer that comes with it, and it compile perfect (I had some newbee troubles like where is the source code and blablabla.) anyway, The system now runs blender and UT2004 and every time I start X the splash nvidia logo comes out. GOOD :)

Now to the problem: :retard: there are many Kernel you can run at boot time with LILO and there is basically:
1) Standar Linux (where I installed the nvidia drivers)
2) Linux Enterprise (specially for servers)
3) Linux smp (multiprocesor)
and more.
Ok now when I run X in the Standar linux it starts (with the nvidia splash screen) but whe I run the Enterprise and smp it uses the old nv driver and not the nvidia (that you change in the XF86Config-4),also there is no splash screen(cause its using the nv driver)

My questions are:
1) How can I install the nvidia drivers in the Enterprise and smd kernel?
2)Do I need the source code for each kernel type (standar, Enterprise, smp) or I my suppose to use the same one with something that I still have no idea?
3) Is it because I am using de community edition and for the Enterprise and smp source code I need the Official Mandrake 10?

Any Information, How-to or Link will be much ... very much appreciated!!

Just in case I am using an updated Kernel 2.6.3-13 (from 2.6.3-4) with Mandrake 10 Community Ed.

Quike :screwy:

LordMorgul 06-04-04 06:37 PM

Re: multi-kernel nvidia driver installation problem
You need to have the kernel source for each kernel, specifically, and have that source configured (.config and Modules.symvers present or available).

% Run the installer with the --extract-only option.
% cd NVIDIA*/usr/src/nv
% make clean
% make module
% cp nvidia.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/video

This process for each separate kernel should do the trick.. provided you installed the driver normally for one of them. (do this while running the target kernel, or fix the path the module is copied to appropriately)

quike 06-05-04 10:34 AM

Re: multi-kernel nvidia driver installation problem
Thx LordMorgun, but ....
Im still having some problems... the explanition above (making the module nvidia.ko ), is with the source code of each kernel?... if that so... where can I find the source for the smp and ent ... I got the source for the standar Kernel with the update package, but I don't know where to get the enterprise and smp Source.

I also try the commands above and running each kernel and got:

Unable to determine kernel version.
make: *** [select_makefile] Error 1

I also try to copy the nvidia.ko (from the /lib/modules/2.6.3-13mdk/kernel/drivers/video made from the standar Kernel to the Enterprise (/lib/modules/2.6.3-13mdkenterprise/kernel/drivers/video) , but it didn't work.

Any suggestion? Please!!!! I appresiate again the info above.

quike 06-05-04 01:55 PM

Re: multi-kernel nvidia driver installation problem
OK, I had some progress... when I read the README file in the nv directory I found that it says that a link to the source in mandrake is missing from the lib... so I copy the one from the standar kernel to the enterprise and the make clean and make module are creating the nvidia.ko file plus many more ... a copy this file as you said above but when I run X a error message appear. is it only necesary to copy this file or do I need something more to copy from the make command?

LordMorgul 06-05-04 08:25 PM

Re: multi-kernel nvidia driver installation problem
One thing I forgot: in the nvidia module's usr/src/nv directory:
% ln -s Makefile.kbuild Makefile

I believe the enterprise kernel uses a separate kernel source, make sure you have that. The smp kernel probably builds using the standard kernel source with a different config.. that is simple to prepare then -- but make sure you place the smp config in the kernel source when you build the module.

You should only need to copy the nvidia kernel module for the specific kernel.. if it compiles correctly (and it inserts into the kernel without errors), it should work.

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