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CrLf 06-05-04 07:53 AM

Is it real or is it a bug?
I have a Samsung 172x monitor which I am using through it's DVI interface. On Linux watching videos using Xv acceleration works fine when the videos are in its native resolution but when they are scaled (fullscreen) the picture gets weird, like it is having a terminal case of interlace disease (think that effect seen on QuickTime movie trailers gone way out of porportion).
After some digging I added Option IgnoreEDID "on" to my XF86Config and it did it. Is this normal or is this a bug? It doesn't happen on Windows.

Evil Penguin 06-05-04 08:27 AM

Re: Is it real or is it a bug?
Using EDID means that the refresh rate etc is set so that it matches what the _monitor specifies_... IgnoreEDID (obviously) lets you override that.

I don't know for sure how common it is, but as Nvidia write in their docs: "Some monitors are known to lie about their own capabilities.".

CrLf 06-05-04 08:43 AM

Re: Is it real or is it a bug?
The funny thing is that i do not need to specify that option if the monitor is connected through the analog interface.

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