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GIO67 06-06-04 11:45 AM

XINE & TwinView
Hi all:

I just configured my (great!!!!!!!!!) brand-new 5900XT in TwinView-mode (1st screen @1280x1204, 2nd @ 1152x864 giving a 2432x1024 virtual screen); everything works fine except Xine whose ouput (either in window-mode or in full screen mode) aspect ratio is altered following the virtual display H/V ratio. With Mplayer output is OK. Did Anyone uses Xine with TwinView mode?

Thanks and excuse me for my (bad) english!



GIO67 06-08-04 03:38 PM

Re: XINE & TwinView
nobody with the same problem?


danieljh 06-08-04 07:40 PM

Re: XINE & TwinView
My is working fine.

You may want to see if you have DisplaySize entry in your "Monitor" section of your XF86Config file. I have had problems with many applications if the line exist and has bad numbers is it. In general you can just delete the line and reboot the window manager. You can also check xdpyinfo and look for "resolution". The numbers should be equal or almost equal.

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