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coolos 06-06-04 12:10 PM

NV2A linux drivers needed

i just want to ask if somebody is developing
NV drivers for NVA2 3D card (xbox)

i would be happy to test/use them on linux

thkx and bye

Thunderbird 06-06-04 01:51 PM

Re: NV2A linux drivers needed
Somehow you'd have to hack the nvidia drivers to recognize the device id of the nv2a (it is a mix between geforce3 and geforce4) but nvidia has added lots of boobytraps to the driver so it will be very hard (if not impossible).

LordMorgul 06-06-04 05:46 PM

Re: NV2A linux drivers needed
These guys have played with it, I do not know how far they have made it -- or if they are still trying. If anyone manages to get the driver working I imagine it'll be found on this site quickly.

coolos 06-07-04 12:33 PM

Re: NV2A linux drivers needed
back to nowhere then(they told me they couldn't do it ...

can't we make some petition to make nvidia make linux drivers
for the GPU :)

i'm :lame: and head :bash: but i'm also :angel2: an angel e

cya later alligator

erwos 06-07-04 11:23 PM

Re: NV2A linux drivers needed
I am relatively certain the nVidia has numerous agreements with Microsoft that they would _not_ do something like put out Linux drivers for the X-Box.

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