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abgilbert 06-08-04 11:42 AM

Can't find GeForce 5200Go 32/64 in Sax2
I have installed Version: 1.0-5336 driver for IA32. And this works great. However, when I go into Sax2 and try to configure my graphics card the option for a GeForce 5200Go 32/64 does not appear in the list of cards under Nvidia.

The release notes clearly state support for this chipset. How can I setup this card?

SuLinUX 06-08-04 11:50 AM

Re: Can't find GeForce 5200Go 32/64 in Sax2
It's there in SuSE9.1 but if it's not in previous then select the nearest card in SaX2. The nvidia driver does'nt put them in the card list in sax2.

jerickson314 06-08-04 05:27 PM

Re: Can't find GeForce 5200Go 32/64 in Sax2
Actually the cards are in the SaX2 list but under different, rather cryptic, names. For example, my GeForce FX5200 (not FX5200 Go) is "0x0322" rather than "GeForce FX5200". I believe these numbers might be different for different boards with the same chipset that vary in manufacturer, Video RAM size, or something like that. To get your card working, I suggest you do the following: (If you already know how to get to runlevel 3 skip to step 3)

1.) Log out of KDE or Gnome and hit CTRL-ALT-F1 (You can actually use any key F1-F6 inclusive).

2.) Type

init 3

and hit enter. When it tells you that runlevel 3 has been reached, hit enter again to restore the command prompt.

3.) Then type:

sax2 -m 0=nvidia

and hit enter. SaX2 will automatically pick the right match for your card on the list and try to set up the card, though you will lose any changes you had made previously to your X configuration (either by editing XF86Config or with SaX2). This command sets up a fresh configuration which will be the proper setup for your card.

jerickson314 06-09-04 07:01 PM

Re: Can't find GeForce 5200Go 32/64 in Sax2
I just found out that the alternative names are listed in Appendix A of the nVidia Readme. The Go5200 32/64 should be listed in SaX2 as "0x0328", as per the readme. It does look like in a few rare cases (cards with separate AGP 8x drivers and the FX 5200) there is more than one name per chipset, but not in most cases. Some cards are listed in SaX2 under both the common and "PCI ID" cryptic-looking names, but the Go5200 32/64 is only listed as "0x0328" it seems. With this option you won't need to reset all your graphics settings.

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