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danielsan 10-18-02 07:23 AM

OGL + SuSE 7.3 + GeForce 2 MX
I've got a problem with OpenGL (quite common I think).

I am running vmware +vmtools (for running windows in Linux). All works fine and then i thought, why not run a game? Happens that i get a lot of errors regarding OpenGl not being supported.

I did install the Nvidia kernels and drivers. Thing is even with the Nvidia drivers i get these errors in wine as well.

I am quite new so any ideas + help would be welcome.



bwkaz 10-18-02 12:53 PM

Are you trying to run the game in Windows inside of VMware?

AFAIK, VMware doesn't support hardware OpenGL at all -- it just acts like you only have an SVGA card. That's because regardless of your underlying support, all that VMware does is provide a virtual machine for the other operating system to use -- it doesn't, like Wine, try to implement everything that the OS might try to do. Since the machine is actually virtual, VMware can't let it take control of the real hardware (or you'd have stability problems, because the two kernels can't both control the same hardware, and they'd be trying), it has to simulate things. I believe that's why it doesn't do hardware GL.

Although I'm not familiar with vmtools, so that may provide some extra functionality.

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