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samarkand 10-18-02 01:29 PM

RH8, GF2 & hardware acceleration
Hi, pretty new to the Linux-3D business. Just installed RH8 and now I'm having slight troubles with getting my GeForce2 GTS card to use hardware acceleration. Now, I never bothered with this when I was still using RH7.2, but as far as I can tell RH8 came with a standard set of NVidia drivers - which seem to be running. Anyway, could anyone please be so kind and tell me if I have to install additional drivers to use my card's hardware acceleration (can't turn it on in X)?


bwkaz 10-18-02 03:55 PM

If you want 3D support, you will need to install drivers, yes.


Go there, download the NVchooser, run it (sh NVchooser.sh), then read the README. A couple of times, if possible.

Then download the files that NVchooser told you to, and install them using the instructions in the REAME.

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