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thebunny 08-01-02 11:36 PM

UT & TwinView

I got a MSI GF4 4200 with two identical VGA monitors attached to it. Well everything works fine with the latest NVidia driver except for one funny thing: UT runs in the middle of the two screens. I mean half of the picture is on one screen / half on the other :P

Anyone know how to fix this? I am using Gentoo w/ XFree 4.2


Thunderbird 08-02-02 03:26 AM

You mean that UT is streched over both screens. Perhaps there's something wrong with your resolution in UT. Perhaps it is set to someting like 2048x768. (if you have to screens at 1024x768)

r0gu3 08-02-02 08:19 AM

Actually in yoru video card config of your XF86Config file...

You should have a section that has "1024x768,1024x768" in it...

Well simply change that to be "1024x768,1024x768;1024x768,NULL" That way you can force it to only use one monitor :)

- r0gu3

thebunny 08-02-02 09:07 AM

Yes the only resolutions I have available in UT are:

2146x768, 2480x1024, 3200x1200

(I configured TwinView 1024x768,1024x768; ....) No normal ones (like 1240x1024) at all. Rogue's idea might work but I can't test now, I'm at work. I'll try later and report the result.


thebunny 08-02-02 04:47 PM

Workie workie! Watch out n00bs! Thank you guys

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