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rogerdv 10-19-02 10:56 AM

GULT libs in Redhat 8
How can I install glut in ,y RH 8? I was thinkings to install Mesa libs, but, does it conflicts with nvidia drivers?

pbharris 10-19-02 11:31 AM

the GLUT stuff does indeed conflict with the NVidia drivers. they are based off of stuff from the 3dfx days i believe.

luigi 10-23-02 12:30 PM

Nope. GLUT is driver independent.
GLUT stands for Graphics Library Utility Toolkit and it does not depend on your Nvidia (or any other) graphics driver. However it does depend on OpenGL which is what Nvidia drivers implement. (Mesa is another implementation of OpenGL.)

You will only need GLUT if you are learning OpenGL programming or want to use some free applications from the net. The most modern games (quake, wolf, UT) do not require GLUT library.

If you want to experiment with GLUT, you will find the rpm packages from the 3. cd in RedHat 8.0. (They are not installed by default)

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