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Rashman 10-20-02 02:20 AM

Help not getting performance that others are with geforce 4 ti 4200 128meg
Im only getting just over 8000 3dmarks with my rig when people with lower spec cpus etc are getting much higher.

My Rig
Windows XP
Athlon xp 2000+ cpu not overclocked
MSI K7T Turbo ltd Edition Mobo using via 4.43 drivers
1024 Meg PC133 ram
Albatron geforce 4 ti 4200 128meg overclocked to 275/650 using 40.72 drivers
SB Live 5.1 using windows update drivers
60 gig western digital ata 100 7200rpm hard drive
420 watt coolermaster power supply

agp aperture is 128meg
agp4x enabled
fsb not overclocked

Please Help!!
:mad: :confused: :(

Rashman 10-20-02 02:36 AM

My 3D Mark Info:


other people get well over 10000 3d marks, any help please?

SurfMonkey 10-20-02 07:14 AM

Your PC133 ram will be causing a little bit of a bottle kneck, especially in the madbunion tests. Try uping the speed of your FSB, that may make up a little for your memory.

After that try oc'ing you 4200, cranking up the core speed will improve fill rates, aniso, and stuff. Cranking up your memory speed will incease FSAA and general rendering speed.

walkndude 10-20-02 10:40 AM

Even though your using sdram you still shouldnt have much of a problem cracking 10,000...

After looking at your 3dmark results and seeing normalish nature and dragothic scores for your setup(these scores are very video card dependent) and a solid 1059 single texturing score I have some suggestions as to where to start looking for your problems.

first I would dump half your ram for testing purposes, more isnt always better ram wise when using sdr. I'm guesing your using 512x2 so pull a stick out(if it is 256x4 or 512 + 256x2 do what you need so that only 1 memory slot is populated) next pull that sblive(they love to fight for irq's with geforce cards, actually any vid card :))

Then, check you bios settings for your ram timings -you want them to be as fast as possible without causing instability.

retest and we can go from there.

btw -are you using the 4200 turbo ? 650 on the mem side is stellar but just about impossible with tsop mem without a volt mod -for the 3.3ns bga on albatrons turbo model its a piece of cake.

You prolly allready know this but with an upgrade to ddr and a little bit of overclocking you could easily best my 3dmark of 13048 with that card.


Rashman 10-20-02 11:55 AM

Thanks for the tips guys, i earlier overclocked my graphics card and got an extra 150 3dmarks!

I tested with and without the sound card and got no change really.

BUT i took 512 meg of ram out and made sure the cas was 2and i got a jump of 500 3dmarks!!


I didnt realise the more ram you have the worse your 3d performance is!! Baffling!

I also found out that my motherboard should only go up to athlonxp 1800+ max, so i think a change of mobo and ram is a definate!! Cheers once again guys, cant wait to get the new board, might check the new msi boards out.

BTW Yes i am using the albatron geforce 4 ti 4200 Turbo 128 meg, without extra cooling i now overclock it to 290/695!!!!!!! And this is very stable!!

Im looking forward to beating that score walkndude!!;)

Rogozhin 10-20-02 12:30 PM

Rashman, you should definately be getting more!

Here is a compare link to my radeon 8500LE


Good Luck


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