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The Baron 10-20-02 10:30 AM

Aieee! 20,000 3dmarks!

That's what liquid nitrogen is good for. :p

ALobpreis 11-03-02 08:29 PM

:p :D

BTW, isn't it nice to hace a 10 GHz FSB?? :cool:

Switch 11-04-02 01:02 AM

I notice how neither one of those have benchmark results after Game 4 -Nature...

ALobpreis 11-04-02 06:05 AM

Yeah, that's very common in top results. I don't know why. Someday I will test if the score is higher without those tests. Or maybe they can o/c higher because those tests crashes their computer... who knows.

thcdru2k 11-04-02 08:28 AM

those scores aren't necesary..i think they just want to quickly run the test again, with tweaked settings, or to get the highest score possible since 3dmark score fluxuates.

DaveW 11-04-02 10:14 AM

These 2.4 ghz Pentium 4s sure are great overclockers :)

But how does one go about ordering 10 litres of liquid nitrogen? Don't you need permits and stuff for that?

drusier 11-22-02 10:37 AM


16437 3DMark

ALobpreis 01-19-03 03:46 AM

I've tested it some time ago, and it seems the test past the Nature one are useless!! The score doesn't seem to change! I really don't know why are them there, and why they don't affect the score... :confused:

slickfloater 01-20-03 03:11 PM

*yawn* the high score for 3D2k1 is 21800 and the second highest 21500, the first is an overclocked 4.1 GHz P4 and the second is an overclocked Thorughbred at 2.8 GHz. Both systems use specially cooled CPUs/Radeon 9700's. The P4 system radeon has higher vid card core and mem clocks... just shows AMD can hang with anything out there.

poursoul 01-21-03 09:55 AM

they are just posting thier systems, if you want to post your marks go ahead. Otherwise quit trolling, troll.

marqmajere 01-21-03 02:35 PM

Man. I kicked the crap outta those chumps in everything past the nature test. My rig is ubah!:D

slickfloater 01-21-03 02:53 PM

Why hello there, nice to meet you. Neither of those marks
belonged to me I just was under the impression the original poster thought 20000 was the high for 3DMark2k1, it didn't seem to me the score was his. Whatever. I don't think I'm going to post here again.

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