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paul.booth 06-26-04 08:28 AM

I can't find my on-board ethernet port
I recently completed a PC to sit between my home WLAN and the Internet (firewall, etc.).
Even though I have installed the Linux drivers which came on the motherboard CD, AND I've downloaded the latest updates from Nvidia, I still cannot see the on-board ethernet port.
I am having to run with 2 3rd-party ethernet cards to get the features I need.
The motherboard is the A7N8x2.0, running RedHat Linux 9.0 with all the latest updates.

Kamel 06-26-04 12:11 PM

Re: I can't find my on-board ethernet port
what kernel version?

you will need to install the forcedeth drivers (or compile them into the kernel) with the 2.6 kernel, but with the 2.4 kernel you will need the closed source drivers from nvidia.com for their ethernet card.

it may be a realtek ethernet (gigabit) card, in that case you will need to compile support for it into your kernel.

Kashmeer 07-09-04 11:48 AM

Re: I can't find my on-board ethernet port
I just added a NIC to my system. I wasn't worth the trouble...

acidfourtyfive 07-11-04 04:04 PM

Re: I can't find my on-board ethernet port
I am also having the same problem. I get the message
error communicating "Device not found" when I use the command:

ifconfig eth0

I plan on installing the nForce2 drivers from nvidia.com but from the sounds of it this isn't going to do anything other than get me actually do something successful with linux other than:

ls | more
and some scripting

I rebuilt the source package and now I don't seem able to install it. I now know that's not what I want to do but I don't know how to unpack an rpm package. I'll find out but the man page doesn't help me any.

Kamel 07-12-04 05:04 AM

Re: I can't find my on-board ethernet port
uhmm, you could start with answering the questions i ask him, lol.

it's very easy to do.. all you need to do is compile in forcedeth with 2.6, or if you're on 2.4 install the closed source drivers.

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