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el.Diablo 08-02-02 02:59 AM

GLX problems
i have got a GF2 MX400 with Mandrake 8.2

I have installed both the Nvidia kernel and drivers for linux, and configured my XFree86-4 config file, yet when I run Half life, it tells me no OpenGL support.

I have resorted to looking in the XFree86 log, and it tells me that

glx module was unable to be loaded. I have tried much, and i dont know what to do. I fear it wasnt installed properly, as there was no /usr/include/GL folder, which i think the headers are meant to go.

Help would be greatly appreciated

Thunderbird 08-02-02 03:24 AM

Your wine isn't compiled with OpenGL support.

el.Diablo 08-02-02 03:30 AM

and how do i compile wine with OpenGL support??

excuse my ignorance

megajocke 08-02-02 03:09 PM

Probably not wine, because he says his X log says that it couldn't load glx. Glx should be loaded on x startup. Are the kernel module installed?

Thunderbird 08-02-02 03:55 PM

Oops forgot those lines. On irc (#winehq) those HL questions come up dailly, so I directly typed the answer to that. Didn't read the rest.

el.Diablo 08-02-02 11:29 PM

well about loading the kernel modules.

I have installed the Nvidia GLX sources, and it goes with out a problem, and it doesnt seem to work.

In the /usr/doc/NVIDIA/ there is a folder which gives up to date versions of the glx header files, and tells me that they have to go in the /usr/include/GL folder. But there is no folder. I tried creating that folder and placing the header files in them but it still didnt work

BTW, what is the Irc server for #winehq??
Thanks for all the help

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