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savagkc 10-22-02 08:02 AM

just a question and some advice needed
My system:
Gateway 1.4ghtz, P4,
1 gig pc800 rdram,
19" monitor,
Xtasy GF4 TI4200 w/128 meg mem,
nvidia 40.71 drivers

The question is: Using the 3dmark 2001, the highest score i can get 79xx. Is this normal or at least in the "range" for the above system? I ask because i keep seeing 5 digit scores for comparable system.

Advice needed: a good set of settings for Riva tuner for above system. Using the default settings for the tuner is where i get the 79xx score. Anything else produces a lower score. I'm not a power addict but would like to get the best settings available from the video card.

Appreciate any feedback,

savagkc 10-22-02 08:03 AM

Sorry, i'm running windowsME.


saturnotaku 10-22-02 09:53 AM

I would try pulling out 512 mb of your system RAM. The Windows 9x core (on which ME is based) does not get along well with anything more than 512 mb of RAM. Give that a shot because that score is low for your system - I would get consistently over 8000 with my old GeForce3.

savagkc 10-22-02 01:14 PM

The system "see's" all of the full gig and havent ran into any problems with it. But, hey, its easy to pull 512 and try that out. will let u know....


savagkc 10-24-02 08:21 AM

OK, I pulled 512 meg of memory. The 3dmark score went to 7903. Not a large jump. Without changing i ren the test again got 76xx, what gives? I'm lost.


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