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PsychoSy 08-02-02 09:20 AM

VIA's Big Embarrassment?
Xbit Labs is reporting that the VIA KT400 chipset will not support DDR 400, a surprise that is hard to swallow considering their naming conventions. Combine that with the fact that their two closest competitors - SiS and Nvidia - have no problems in implementing support in their respective chipsets despite that DDR 400 has yet to be standardized by JEDEC, and you could have reason to suspect that nForce and the SiS 746DX may be able to steal some of VIAs dropping market share for themselves.

But it could be a uphill battle. So far, DDR 400's performance isn't impressive as benchmarks show that it can't even keep up with DDR 333 and it isn't very stable.


Kruno 08-02-02 09:43 AM

Well that sucks doesn't it?
Well I know I will stay with Intel a lot longer than I relised. I wonder... AMD Clawhammer XP 25 deg celcius 4Ghz...

Gator 08-02-02 10:52 AM

"Introducing the new and improved KT400, with blazing fast DDR333 support"... ROFL

Matthyahuw 08-02-02 12:20 PM

sad, I'm not going back to VIA for a LONG time!

volt 08-02-02 12:33 PM

I was considering nvidia on my next mobo but I just don't like the idea of onboard Geforce 4 MX. Unless they will make two versions (with and without)

fastguy94416 08-02-02 04:53 PM

Nvidia is making two versions, its confirmed

VeritechK7 08-02-02 06:18 PM

I wish ..really wish to rid of this ViA but i have to hold onto it till i got 760 MP or MPX ... power in my hands

SavagePaladin 08-02-02 07:16 PM

I think its four versions (two with the high end MCP, with or without graphics, two with the lowend MCP, with or without graphics)
but I'm not entirely sure

LORD-eX-Bu 08-02-02 10:45 PM

I am not a fan of AMD, so I don't look at KT-whatever chipsets or nforce this or that. So I looked at Via's P4PB 400 mainboard. It rocks! Does anyone know if it can support a 3.06 ghz P4?

volt 08-02-02 11:03 PM

Yes it can.

PCarr78 08-04-02 09:29 AM


If you want an AthlonXP and are shopping for a mobo, the ONLY choice is the NFORCE2

VeritechK7 08-04-02 09:46 AM

speaking of NForce / or NF2 .. i was wondering .. .my friend wants an athlon based system but he wanted a stable platform. I recommended him NForce and the SiS( out of my personal experiences with it) He kinda whined about he integrated video
..I was wondering which mobos that featured the nforce had no integrated video . Thats' all

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