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Kamel 07-08-04 02:47 AM

broken links to images
hello.. i can *certainly* see the reason why there is a limitation of 100kb to upload images on the server, but if there was a way to increase this a bit and possibly influence people to not direct link their images, i think it would have its benefits. in threads such as "post your pc", "post your picture", and "post your chix" going through them i have found that over half of them seem to be broken links (esp. gib). if they were message attachments instead, it would never be a broken link, and thus not negate the whole reason for having those threads.

like i said, i realize this may not be possible with your given web hosting space etc, but if you feel like it could be done easily, i feel it would be very beneficial :).

UDawg 07-08-04 11:17 AM

Re: broken links to images
just reduce the size of our pic many programs do it nicely.

Kamel 07-08-04 03:50 PM

Re: broken links to images
i think you missed the point, lol. i don't mind using an attachment (i always do), i think it should just be promoted to use the attachment feature as opposed to direct linking from another site because many of the pictures are no longer on those sites, and threads like "post your pic" become rather pointless spamfests... not that udawg minds spamfests ;) lmao, j/p :P

jAkUp 07-13-04 01:07 AM

Re: broken links to images
Yea I wish they were bigger also... But, I now use www.imageshack.us
And that works just as good :)

You don't need to sign up, virtually unlimited bandwith, and you can host pictures up to 800kb's in size. All you need to do is tell it the picture you want to upload.. and... tada! uploaded :) Beautiful

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