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MUYA 08-02-02 11:58 AM

Motherboard in built Sound solutions
Hey guys,
I was wondering, just how good is the Cmedia 6 channel inbuilt sound chip? These are included in some motherboards such as the A7v333r. Would they be good as a SBlive!value? definately not up to AUdigy standards? or is it in between these two cards. Its probably not as capable as the Nforce mcp erm sound thingy-me-jiggy? So folks anybody with this cmedia inbuilt sound chip or those in the know, please comment!!

volt 08-02-02 12:37 PM

I have Soyo Dragon+ with Cmedia 5.1 and I can't complain. I was even able to install it for Slackware linux. On Redhat it was automatically detected.

john19055 08-02-02 12:48 PM

I use the C-media on my ASUS TUSL2 and the sound quailty is ever bit as good as the sound blaster live that I had in it. So I think it is a good solution if you don't want to buy a sound card.

fastguy94416 08-02-02 05:05 PM

i use the c-media on my dragon plus and I like it more than the sblive 5.1 I have sitting in a closet now

MUYA 08-03-02 07:39 AM

Hmm consensus seem to be that the inbuilt cmedia sound chip is good. :) I was asking because I am considering getting an upgrade from my kt133a chipset mobo to the Asus a7v333R mobo which has these cmedia sound chip. Thanks guys for the answers!

volt 08-03-02 04:53 PM

If I were to choose, I would definetly go with Soyo Dragon Ultra Platinum


This is gotta be the sexiest PCB I have ever seen :)

TheOneKEA 08-05-02 12:35 PM

Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra = MUST HAVE
I wish I could buy a Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra.

Anyway, from what I've read so far, the C-Media CMI8378 chip seems to be a good buy because it does all that 5.1 6-channel digital/analog stuff. Right now it seems to be the king of integrated sound. I suspect it works just as well on a card.

/me wants a CMI8378

SavagePaladin 08-05-02 01:32 PM

CMI8738 is pretty much a software solution, I don't see why its 'the king'....nForces is much better :p
Hell that CMI8738 was out in the days of the k6-2. geebus.

TheOneKEA 08-06-02 06:35 AM

I didn't know the CMI8378 was a software-based solution. All the mobo reviews I've read that discuss it say it's a hardware solution. What gives?

SavagePaladin 08-06-02 09:36 AM

I'll read up on it. I've been wrong before.

SavagePaladin 08-06-02 09:46 AM

ok, I don't really know. But it is pretty bad with 3d sound and CPU usage, apparently.

-=DVS=- 08-09-02 05:50 PM

On board Sound is not bad but you can't compare it with SB live! or Audigy , they woun't have newes hardware D3D hall/sound , forgot how it is called on Sound Blaster ,
Anyways all those on board cards emulate moust of features and use more CPU power and main memory ,
Sound Blaster Live and Audigy have big internal cash you know ;)
not like other cheap reproductions with only 64k or so ;)

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